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Your draftsmen are probable full of them. They’re thrown at you every time you sign astir for a fun-run, you volunteer at a Canspell regional spelling bee (ahem) or you join an amateur soccer league. You swear you’ll “wear them as pyjamas” but if you’re anything like this Star reporter, you don’t. You stow them away in your dresser, replica clothing guilt-ridden that you’re wasting perfectly good 100% cotton jersey.

Craft fold (and even foxiness skeptics), Saint Flamingo has the answer to your prayers! Your oversized T-shirt guilt can be washed away with a little help from Christine Chenier, owner and T-shirt-transformation teacher at Saint Flamingo in Walkerville. The workshop-store offers all kinds of hands-on classes where you can learn to sew, silkscreen, knit and change by reversal your throwaway swag into something original.

Bring her your oversized tees, and Chenier will help you transform them into something you will wear and be proud of. ( … and it doesn’t even have to be a top! Did you know you can transform T-shirts into skirts, leg warmers and household accessories? Enquire Chenier. She testament crystalize you on the subject.)

Here, we turned an oversized yellow volunteer’s t-shirt from The Windsor Star Canspell Regional Spelling bee (held on Feb. 26, 2012) into a yoga tank top. The details still hint at what the T-shirt was originally (“volunteer” is still splashed across the back) without drowning the wearer in a swath of egg-yolk yellow fabric.

You bring the large T-shirts, Chenier provides scissors, kids t shirts sewing machines, measuring tapes and lots of encouragement. You cut, pin, sew, fit and tinker until you get the result you want.

The best part? It doesn’t count if you’re whatsoever dependable at tailoring or not. Chenier stresses the point of the whole activity is to have fun and experiment. You don’t like the way it’s turning out? No problem! Snip here, un-stitch there, ta-da! There’s nothing you can’t rescue.



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